• Working with a modern Front-end JavaScript framework (e.g. React, AngularJS)
• Understanding your team’s product domain, and its customers
• Writing semantic HTML whilst utilising templating languages (e.g. JSX, Jade/Pug)
• Creating re-usable CSS using pre-processors (mostly SCSS)
• Working with NodeJS development tools (eg. Gulp, NPM, MakefilesWriting the right Tests at the right levels (Jasmine, Jest, Selenium)
• Embedding UI libraries correctly (we use our own in-house library similar to Bootstrap / Foundation)
• Ensuring the creation of highly accessible code (W3C WCAG 2.0, ARIA)
• Working with task workflow & continuous integration tools (JIRA Agile, Confluence, Bamboo)
• Managing and maintaining code with Git (ideally Bitbucket)


• You prioritise the delivery of customer value above the adherence to technical dogma.
• You put the needs of the team and the customer ahead of your own.
• You are enthusiastic but considered in your adoption of new tools and methodologies.
• You have strong opinions, weakly held.
• You trust, but verify.
• You use technology to solve customer challenges and not just for technology’s sake.
• You have the company vision, customer and the product strategy in mind when you write every line of code.
• You love JavaScript, HTML and CSS. You care about writing code for humans. You lint and hint your code and never let a build stay red.

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