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If you are an employer, we will not try to fill a position just because...

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If you are a job seeker, we will equip you with information, leads, and ideas...

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SwiLife is committed to utilizing HR technology solution to provide greater efficiency, and higher quality...

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SWILIFE are here to make your life enjoyable and stress free.

Without hesitation we touch everything we do with passion, enthusiasm and finesse.

Our wide network of contacts and partners enables us to offer a broad range of services tailored to your individual needs. As a result, you’ll always be sure of attaining the best services, in fact, you’ll simply receive the best of everything.

It’s what we do. Establishing your needs, providing the solutions. It’s your work-life and lifestyle needs that we treasure. We’ll establish the kind of services, packages or membership that will be most suited to you, and  suggest things that will make your life more exhilarating.

We have a history of global collaboration and partnership across our activities. Our partners are located in Canada, Japan, France, Australia…


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